Hello! Welcome  to my art blog! I am a transgender male and my pronouns are He/Him!


Thank you for visiting me!


If you would like to ask a question or request a drawing or sketch, or just tell me something, please email me at KillLoveInnocent@gmail.com with the subject line as “Raphi’s Artstuff” and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible!


stay tuned for art of many things like Invader ZIM, Steven Universe, UnderTale, MLP:FIM, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Future Diary, and even original comics and drawings!


❤️❤️👽❤️❤️ also, before you get super into my blog (if that’ll ever happen ;-;) please remember that I am a high school student and I’m very busy.


and I’m also a shit-poster




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