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Color ❤️🖌❤️

imageHere’s my newest character, Color! Sorry for not updating, it was thanksgiving, which means family time. Also, I had to GM in a lot of RPG sessions. Anyways, here’s a picture! ^_^



Hello, my name is Raphaël, but you can call me Raph or Raphi. ❤️❤️👽❤️❤️ this is my (mainly) art blog! Here are a few things about me:


-I’m a transgender male, and my pronouns are He/Him

-I love Steven Universe, Invader ZIM and UnderTale!

-That being said, I’m also very interested in alien life forms and supernatural creatures!

-I’m a high school student (freshman)

-I’m also a very busy student, so I won’t post often, but normally in large clusters.

-I have a twisted sense of humor 😉

-If you haven’t guessed, I am Kill-Love-Innocent on DA!

-I’m not in the best state mental health wise, so I will probably have many depressing posts, but don’t worry! I’ll be okay. 🙂



Well, that’s about it, if you have any other questions, just ask! My email is KillLoveInnocent@gmail.com